1. Open your Facebook page which you want to use for business automation
  2. Click About, it maybe inside More tab
  3. At the bottom of About page you'll find Page ID under MORE INFO section


  1. Visit Facebook Developers
  2. Click on My Apps, you may need to login with your Facebook account
  3. Tap on Create App button
  4. Under Select an app type section select Business, click on Next
  5. Enter a name inside Display Name, it maybe any name you want, and mostly visible only to the admin of the page. Enter email address into App Contact Email. Select any of the provided option under App Purpose that best fit your situation. And lastly under Business Manager account you can leave it No Business Manager Account selected or select an account if you have one
  6. Click on Create App button
  7. Under Tools click on Graph API Explorer
  8. Inside Facebook App select your newly created App, if it's not selected already
  9. Mostly every time you change or select something in Graph API Explorer, Facebook may pop up a window to confirm your changes, which may include few pages to go through, you have to select your Facebook page in which you want the changes to occur then permissions you want to give etc. Mostly you just have to click on Next or Continue or maybe select your Facebook page in when the popup window will ask you to do so, and it's better to read permission carefully but don't untick any of them unless you do your own research.
  10. Under User or Page select Get Page Access Token
  11. From Add a Permission select these three permission:
    • pages_show_list
    • pages_read_engagement
    • pages_manage_posts
  12. Tap on Generate Access Token and copy the access token
  13. Under Tools > Access Token Debugger > Access Token paste the copied token and click on Debug
  14. Click on Extend Access Token
  15. Copy the new long-lived access token, this is the actual access token you need for the automation of your Facebook page or Facebook Business page.