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Visit Kedruga home page and click on Register.

Enter your Name (Username/Nickname), Email Address, Password and Confirm Password.

Click on Register button.

Email Verification

Now you receive an email in your email inbox, open it and click on Verify Email Address.

You'll redirected to your Profile page.


Display Picture

To set a display picture click on Choose File, a window will appear, select a picture you want to display, click open and hit + button.


Enter your Bitcoin address and click on + button. Your Bitcoin address will be saved, and when your Available balance reach to USD 20 or above then you are able to withdraw by clicking the Withdraw button and your money will reach to your Bitcoin address you linked within 45 days.

Game Details

Game Title: Enter the Game name with or without game mode you want to play with your fan or star, it's a unique field you can't enter the same Game Title twice. Example: CSGO Competitive, CSGO Demolition, Fortnite Battle Royale, Fortnite Creative, GTA V etc. This field is necessary for both fan and star.

Player ID: Enter your game id or game username, by which your star can send you a friend request to play a game. Example: In CSGO you have a friend code something like ABC12-98XYZ, in PUBG it might be your username (JohnFps12, Killer Lady 007) or might be a unique/character id (51235456, 234235461), in Fortnite it will be your username(JohnFps12, Killer Lady 007)etc. This field is necessary for both fan and star.

Price: Enter a number between 0-999999, it'll only be a digit without any symbol, decimal, alphabet etc. It's an amount in USD you set for your fan to pay in order to play with you. And you also don't need to write USD, $ etc. This field is mostly necessary for star.

Rate: Enter a time, game mode, matches etc. you'll play with your fan. Example: 1 match of CSGO Competitive maximum 20 rounds, 30 min of Fortnite Creative etc. This field is mostly necessary for star.

You need to fill all four input fields in order to play game with your star or fan. You might think that if you are a fan then you don't need to fill Price and Rate, yes you are right but in Kedruga we feel that Price and Rate fields are important for fan too, because someone out there might be your fan and interested in playing with you, so it's mandatory for both fan and star to fill all four fields.


Deposit: Total Amount you pay in order to play with your star.

Earning: Total Amount you earn in order to play with your fan.

Withdrawn: Total Earning you withdraw.

Available: Earning you don't withdraw, and it's ready to withdraw if you have USD 20 or more Available.


Your Channel

Your Display Picture and Your Name are visible, if you don't upload a DP then a default image is visible.

Two dropdown menus are available, first one shows your Game Details and second one is to delete Game Details, it shows only Game Title but will delete the other three fields (Player ID, Price and Rate) associated with it. There might be very few situations when you need to Delete your Game Details.

Available: Shows fans that are interested in playing with you by displaying your Game Title, fan's Player ID and your Rate. When you click on PLAY button a notification send to your fan that you accept his/her play request. And you need to open the Game and send the friend request on fan's Player ID, so you and your fan can play together.

Played: When you click on PLAY button the Available information transfer to Played tab.

Other's Channel

Display Picture and Name of star are visible, if your star don't upload a DP then a default image is visible.

Two dropdown menus are available, first one shows star Game Details and second one show your Player ID. To play a game with your star, you first need to select an option from first dropdown and select your corresponding Player ID of the game and hit Pay button, you then redirect to Coinbase secure transaction page where you need to pay the Price your star set for the specific game, it takes upto 1 hour for Coinbase Commerce to verify the transaction, so it's better that you leave the tab open and once it's completed, it displays you your payment receipt, you need to go back to your profile and click on Confirm button to complete the transaction then your star's Game Title, your's Player ID, and your star's Rate will be visible in your star's channel Available tab.

You need to be active in your star's live streams, your star will select fans one by one from his/her Available list to play with them and when you are the next person in your star's Available list then you need to be quick and open your game, and then your star will click on PLAY button to play with you, he/she also send you the play game request on your Player ID, you will be notified and you need to accept his/her game request in the game and enjoy the game with your favorite star. And the details will be shift from the Available tab to the Played tab in your star's channel.


In Kedruga if you get a new notification and to see it you need to refresh the page. There are only two types of notifications:

To Star

When fan click on Pay button in the star's channel and pay to play with the star a notification send to star that fan is interested in playing with star.

To Fan

When star click on PLAY button on his/her own channel a notification send to fan that star accepted fan's play request

Note: Kedruga payment system works in United States Dollar(s) and Crypto Currency(ies). You might be able to pay and withdraw money in many currencies around the World via Crypto Currencies, PayPal, Visa, Bank, and/or Credit/Debit card.